What’s behind our Fine Jewelry Collection

“Jasmina Jovy sets value to peculiarity and unusualness.“

– David Fischer, SCHÜTT Edelsteine –

The pieces of jewelry of our Fine Jewelry Collection convince through their peculiarity and the rarity of the exclusive selected jewels. They reflect the individuality of the wearer and simultaneously impress the contemplator through their individual charisma.

Jasmina Jovy Jewelry always produces with regional and fair conditions. That is why our jewelry is manufactured mostly in small, regional manufactures while we consciously refrain industrial large-scale productions.

The quality of our jewels is checked exactly by our merchant and ourselves as well. To find the perfect jewel we order a variety from our trusted partner in advance. After we have chosen the ideal one we prepare its frame through classic goldsmith working methods and finally get it graded by one of our partners in Pforzheim. 

And, by the way – do you know the fmatching pendants to our chain?

                                                                                               AQUAMARIN OVAL PENDANT                        HELIODOR ROUND PENDANT                         TURMALIN CARRÉ PENDANT


David Fischer, a friend and director of the jewel merchant SCHÜTT Edelsteine, explains us the peculiarity of our jewels and gives leads how to keep their brilliance in our daily routines:

Interview with David Fischer


1. Quality is one important point to consider when dealing with jewels. Can you tell us how one can recognize whether a jewel is of high quality?

That’s a very good question! Quality may, besides personal perceptions, be measured on the basis of  general criteria which were approved by the branch of trade. To receive expertise and certificates the jewels are examined on various quality characteristics. These may be chromaticity, purity, cut execution, weight, size, rarity and origin, treatment, lighting effect and many more. 


2. Where do the jewels we use for our collection come from?

Since 130 years SCHÜTT works as a retailer for extraordinary jewels in cooperation with goldsmiths, jewelers and designers. The jewels from SCHÜTT derive from the whole world and were personally acquired on foreign travels in the 50s and 80s. Since then the whole grinding process with high-quality handcraft takes place in Pforzheim. The elegant Fine Jewelry Collection from Jasmina Jovy uses bright aquamarines from Brazil, shiny-green tourmalines from Madagascar as well as rhodolites and high-quality sapphires. Furthermore are all jewels untreated. Jasmina Jovy sets value to peculiarity and unusualness. That’s why in her jewelry we find more rarely and exquisite hues and shapes.


3. To what do we have to pay attention to while wearing the jewelry in our everyday life?

A careful handling with precious jewels is self-evident. Especially when the jewels were framed openly there is a risk of fraction and loss. Every jewel used in the jewelry of Jasmina Jovy Jewelry is because of its hardness and stability relatively safe to wear. Sometimes, all jewels like to get a bit of warm water and soap. With the help of a toothbrush dust and dirt may be removed easily from the underneath. If you can see clear enclosures, which means natural lanes of growth, you definitely should relinquish a depth cleaning with acids and ultrasounds. Sensitive stones are among others open-peeled Stones like corals, turquoises, lapis lazulis, pearls, emeralds and tanzanites. More over, some jewels, especially corals, are sensitive about sweat and cosmetics.


4. Which peculiarities do the jewels from our collection have?

Every gem is unique but some are extremely exquisite. One of Jasmina Jovy’s skills is to recognize these characteristic. An expert eye recognizes the potential of a jewel when it is combined with precious metals and a symbiosis results. All jewels are previously checked in our own jewel-labor whether they are pure ones. Afterwards they are appropriate for the manufacturing work to integrate them fluently in the design of high-grade jewelry. Here bright and tender pastel notes are suitable for combinations with silver or gold. 



Our intention is to craft unique pieces with history and to find the suitable, elegant companion for every day for our customers. Do not hesitate do reach out for us with individual wishes. We are always looking forward to your suggestions and ideas!



Turmalin Baguette Ring 


Rhodolith Oval Ring


Rhodolith Oval Ring



Tansanit Oval Ring 



…and more!

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