All our jewellery is produced exclusively in Pforzheim, Germany’s gold city. The products are 100% handmade and manufactured with love in Germany. Please note that handmade products and sizes can sometimes slightly vary. Here you’ll find an overview of our sizing for rings, necklaces, bracelets and anklets.


Depending on the weather the measurements of your ring size can vary. For an optimal measurement result we recommend for you to measure your fingers at the end of the day, when they’re warm.

> If you do not have a ring on hand we will gladly send you a ring game set through which you can comfortably find out your perfect ring size at home. Contact us via or call our Service-Hotline: +49 (0)7231 – 3748990.

> Wide rings (profile starting at 8mm height) should be bought 1 or 2 sizes bigger. Especially at a ring height of 12mm.
Slim rings with a profile under 1,2mm can be bought 1 size smaller.

> Our popular ring sizes for women are 52, 54 and 56, for men: 58 and 60. For knuckle rings (rings worn above the knuckle) the common size is 48.


Our Mesh and Chain rings are flexible but not extendable! Due to the links being individually interconnected the rings can be stretched slightly. Due to these circumstances we recommend buying these rings at a tighter fit.

Download our ring size measurements here

Size “knuckle-ring” > ring finger size 46-48mm (girth) 
Size XS
> ring finger size 50mm (girth)
Size S > ring finger size 52mm(girth)
Size M > ring finger size 54mm (girth)
Size L > ring finger size 56mm (girth)
Size XL > ring finger size 58mm (girth)
Size XXL > ring finger size 60mm (girth)
Size XXXL > ring finger size 62mm (girth)


The easiest way to determine your wrist size is with a measuring tape. If you do not have a measuring tape at hand you can also use a string. Wrap the string around your wrist or ankle and then measure its length with a ruler.

Download our wrist and ankle measure here

Wrist GirthBracelet Size
18 cmS
19 cmM
20 cmL
21 cmXL


The best way to find the right length for your necklace is through measuring it with a string and comparing the length with a ruler (in cm). Alternatively you could also measure the length of your favorite necklace.

> Tight fitting necklaces, called Choker: Choker should fit tight around your neck and are normally between 32 and 36 cm long.

> Basic necklaces, called collar: our modern everyday necklaces are 39 cm long with an additional 3 cm extension eyelet through which you could wear your necklace up to a length of 42 cm. On request we can also produce the necklace in a 42 cm length (+3 cm). This is more of a classic version, called Princess.

> Chest necklaces, called Matinee: These necklaces are generally between 60 and 65 cm in length. Here the size of your chest is the deciding factor.

> Double necklaces (Doppel): These necklaces can be wrapped twice around your neck. Our rope necklaces are between 100 and 105 cm in length.

Print your necklace measure here