ID Collection

Who am I? Where I am from? What makes me special? The popularity of our ID Rings has motivated us to make another step forward: with new designs we want to catch the individual personality of our brand and the uniqueness of our clients. Jewelry represents your own identity as well as the present of your beloved ones. Thats the reason why we use the initials “JJ” in our new collection as an abstract pattern and a design element. The initials run like a red thread trough the collection, whereby the first name stands for the own person and the last name disclose the family membership. From hoops, over bangles and up to Earcuffs we offering wo/men a lot of style options which can be interpreted on an unique way and also can be personally designed.


Whether Wedding Rings, Engagement Rings, Children Rings or just as a  personal statement – together with you we already designed your own personalised rings. The basic idea for our brand new collection is based on your individual wishes and suggestions. We would be delighted to provide personal advice in our showroom in Stuttgart, in our studio in Pforzheim or on the simple way via WhatsApp Video Call for everyone who is from far away.


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