Production & Product Care


Our collections are designed with a love for detail in Germany and manufactured exclusively in Pforzheim, the “gold town” of Germany. Some custom productions are handmade for you in special manufactures in neighboring countries like Italy or the Netherlands. Even our packaging is individually handmade with love in Germany. All production routes are short and spare resources. We know each of our partner firms personally and know of the strict regulations and controls so that we only process brilliants stemming from safe countries of origin. Furthermore we only work with refineries specialized in sustainability.

I’m consciously deciding to not do industrial large-scale productions and instead count on manufactory work. Nevertheless I still work with new techniques predominantly in the fields of CAD, laser and plotting procedures.

All jewelry can be ordered with a matt or polished finish.


The base material of most of our jewelry is sterling silver. Due to production factors some pieces are manufactured from brass or stainless steel

Every piece of jewelry has a high color plating of 18 carat yellow gold, white gold, palladium or black ruthenium. All our pure silver jewelry is coated with high-quality fine silver and an anti-tarnish layer.

We will gladly manufacture all of your jewelry in 18 carat yellow or rose gold or even platinum, just ask us for your preferred metal. 

If you wish for your jewelry to be a deep black color we can manufacture some pieces from stainless steel with a high-quality black PVD coating.

For custom-made products, bridal jewelry, wedding rings or children’s jewelry please contact us via e-mail:


The surface treatment of your jewelry will change over time due to contact with clothing, air, sweat, cosmetics, hard edges, chemical detergents et cetera.

Especially our dark grey and matte surfaces are subjected to these changes. Your jewelry will look more relief-like and structured, which presents a nice used-look and is not a defect. Particularly rings and bracelets that are exposed to heavy abrasion will change in surface and structure.

If you, nevertheless, want your jewelry to look like new we will gladly re-coat it for you. To protect your jewelry from scratches and damages please keep it in its original packaging or a velvet pouch.

To clean your jewelry use only a microfiber cloth and no additional chemicals. Especially items with printed on patterns are manufactured individually  and should be treated very carefully.

The jewelry should not be worn in the shower, during sports, in the pool or sauna.

If you have any questions please contact us anytime: