Mr. & Mrs. getting married – and we would love to arrange it.

Everybody wishes for a perfect wedding day. But before that day may come, some things must be planned and organized. The perfect location, invitations, the weeding cake. We would love to help you making this special day just perfect.

That is why we partnered up with other wonderful, regional brands to offer you a great wedding special. From floristics to photography and of course jewelry design. We already completed two wonderful shootings and thought that many bridal pairs would wish for a “careless“-package. That is why now you cannot only book us as individuals but as a team as well. What’s also nice to know is that we as brands all originate from the district Stuttgart and know our region very good regarding locations and insider tipps. 

On our shooting we concentrated on the current wedding trend … #drumrolls … Micro Weddings!

Like the name already tells it is about weddings with only the inner circle of family and friends as guests. Due to the extraordinary circumstances we live in, a micro wedding is the perfect alternative to celebrate the love between two human beings. The micro wedding we planned as a team was arranged in muted colors to create a pleasing and light atmosphere which was underlined by the historical location as well.

The bride wore individually adjusted jewelry and a custom-made dress because even on a mini wedding you as a bride should shine and be the focus of the proceedings. The grooms wedding suit reflected the rust tones of the affectionately selected floristics. The delicate prepared patisserie had a share in the modern character of this particular wedding, too. This kind of weddings has no constraints. In the registry office, the forest or even your own yard. For us it is feasible to make your dreams come true in every location. We would also like to organize international weddings or big events of all kinds for and with you.

Our team makes your wishes come true!


Photography and films brought Lisa and Sven together. These two built a dynamic and well-rehearsed team which attaches great importance to real and unposed pictures. That is how honest and natural moments are captured which simultaneously demonstrate what cannot be seen but felt. Together they live and work in Stuttgart but are bookable for international weddings, too. No matter if in Bali, France or Hawaii – for them everything is possible. On demand they also develop wonderful recordings of a drone or create an affectionate album of your individual wedding memories. 


Stefanie and Sebastian made it with their regional brand Meier Eventfloristik to create a profession out of their joy about everything that blooms. Together they consistently develop inspiring floral wedding concepts. As event-experts in the area of floristics they do not only care for the bridal bouquet or table decorations but for the decoration of the bridal car or everything that the flowers heart desires, too.  


The most beautiful wedding jewelry comes from Jasmina Jovy Jewelry. The hand manufactured and individual fine jewelry is designed and produced in Jasminas studio in Pforzheim. Behind every jewelry piece there is diligence and love. For Jasmina the wishes of the bridal pair is from great importance. That is why she takes them really serious and does everything in her power to implement them perfectly.                      

Memoire Key-Pattern Rings   

18kt. Gelbgold    

   Diamond Inside Out Key Rings

 18kt. Gelbgold

 Typewriter Wedding Rings      

18kt. Gelbgold I Weißgold I Roségold

Wire Ring Classic

18kt. Gelbgold I Weißgold I Roségold

 Paulina Choice Ring     

 18kt. Gelbgold    

Diamond 0,5kt.

Jasmin Choice Ring

18kt. Gelbgold

Diamond 0,4kt. 


Our recommendations for other important wedding areas:

Bridal Fashion: Atelier Seidenblüte 

Patisserie: Jessica Mauer 

Wedding stationery: Goldmädchen Manufaktur

We would love to arrange a perfect day with you because the most beautiful path is the one you go together.  

In love.

Jasmina Jovy & Team

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