Not only practical, but stylish. – Our Glasses Chain is becoming a makeover!

Mouth and nose masks are becoming real fashion statements in certain circles. They are available in all colors, different fabrics, with patterns or solid colors.

But everyone knows the problem: You put it on – take it off – and than?

Our masks are often carelessly stowed away, which is impractical and unhygienic #sendhelp

A year and a half ago, at our photo shoot in Morocco, we would not have thought that we would convert our high-quality glasses chains, to high-end mask chains. But this is the practical – and stylish – solution to the problem. The mask hangs around our neck, always close to our body, without much searching and rummaging ?

Mask chains are just as simple in their function as glasses chains. At both ends there are small fasteners, to which you can easily attach the rubber bands of the mask. Your are done!

We have four different models In our glasses/mask chains collection. Two plain ones – that also appeal to men – and two more special ones. All chains are available in silver, gold or black.

Our special highlight is the multifunctional “Triple Clip Specsnecklace. It is not only a glasses/mask chain, but can be worn as an X-necklace or course necklace. In this case, it flatters the décolleté and is fantastic for emblems. Our emblems are personalized according to the customer’s wishes and are individual gifts for others or oneself ?

Matching our mask chain, we offer beautiful mouth and nose protection masks made of silk, organic cotton or organic wool in cooperation with the fashion designer Johanna Riplinger. Since Johanna knows her product best, we did a little interview with her:

Interview with Johanna Riplinger

1. Johanna, your brand is sustainable. Please, explain how far this affects your masks?

The organic wool I use is woven exclusively for me in a small family business in Italy. It is very breathable and has natural proven antibacterial properties that make breathing more comfortable. Although it is temperature balancing, it warms the face in cold temperatures.

The organic cotton is dyed with rose leaves, which are donated as offerings in Indian temples. They get collected, taken to a workshop run by women, sorted, dried and then applied to the fabric for the prints. 

Silk is, according to many specialists, one of the safest fabrics for mouth and nose protection masks, because the thread is woven very tight. Nevertheless, the material is very thin, which helps you breathe well and comfortably. Moreover, silk has a cooling property on the skin. 

2. Can you tell us more about the dyeing process of the fabrics?

The gradient and shibori patterns on the silk and the organic wool, are hand dyed by me here in Germany with pure vegetable dyes. 

3. Why did you choose natural fabrics? 

Pure natural materials not only have a positive effect in cultivation, but also in wearing. They are completely biodegradable. Another advantage of pure natural materials and vegetable dyes is that in production and recycling it only needs little energy.

4. Do your masks have any special features, apart from the vegetable dyes?

The silk masks have a metal strap with rounded ends inside, which is also sewn around with fabric so it stays perfectly fixed and cannot slip. 

The organic cotton and organic wool masks have a softer metal wire incorporated, which allows the mask to fit perfectly to the face. This helps prevent any slipping, even when speaking, and is ideal for people who wear glasses. 

The organic wool masks fit perfectly to the face thanks to a dart on the chin. There is also an opening at the bottom between the two layers to insert a filter if wished. 

The rubbers of all mouth and nose masks are soft and comfortable. Everything is designed for comfort and beauty with loving workmanship.

5. We would be very interested in how to clean the masks best. Do you have a short guide for us?

All masks are carefully washed by hand with organic detergent, such as Speick soap. The vegetable substances contained are environmentally friendly and do not attack the plant colors. The wire and the rubber bands should be kept as little as possible in contact with the water, which can be up to 60 degrees. Ideally, you heat the water and pour it over the mask.

Dirt such as make-up stains, can be removed carefully with soap and your fingernail. Please do not use a brush.

After washing, pull the mask back into shape and lay it down to dry. Hanging the masks risks that the weight of the water pulls them down.

Ideally, the wrinkles should be ironed out, leaving out the wire and elastic bands.

The more lovingly the mask is washed, the longer it will stay beautiful ?

A detailed video description with all steps can be found on the @Fyra_collective Instagram profile under the saved highlights “How to care“.

Our products have a high sustainable thought. Thus, the high-quality mask chains can be used even after a time without mask duty, as a chain or glasses chain. From the beautiful mouth and nose protection masks Johanna made, you can sew, for example, high-quality, small bags that you use for your favorite pieces of jewelry. Or you can keep them until one day you can show them to your children and grandchildren to tell them about the crazy year 2020.

Stay safe!

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