Love is in the Air – because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner

On Valentine’s Day, lovers around the globe surprise each other with flowers, chocolate and gifts.

Right now, love and attention are especially important. Many of us have hardly been able to have contact to our loved ones in the last few months or are going through difficult times, personal or professionally.

That is why we believe that Valentine’s Day is for everyone. For partners, mother and daughter, siblings or best friends, but also yourself. We all deserve some love. Therefore, everyone should celebrate this day together, united in our hearts.

We have picked out for you the most beautiful Valentine’s Day gifts from our online store: Four wonderful pieces of love-themed jewelry that are, as usual, customizable and 100% made in Germany.

Our Heart Bracelet can be easily designed according to your wishes. It consists of a heart on a textile band, which is knotted size adjustable – especially for you. The pendant is available in two versions – as a full heart or as a heart outline, depending on your preference in silver or gold. But that’s not all, because there are 13 different colors for the textile band to choose from. From black or white, to green and pink tones, to nude colors. The most beautiful thing about the Heart Bracelet is that it is the perfect gift for a loved one and yourself, because the hearts match perfectly and symbolize the bond and love between both wearers.

The Lucky’21 Bracelet is a real eye-catcher. Our self-designed cloverleaf consists of four hearts of the same size, which should bring the recipient four times as much luck. It is the perfect companion for everyday life and for us it is hard to imagine our wrists without it. Of course, we also focus on individuality here, which is why the color of the textile band and the material of the cloverleaf are selectable. Shared happiness is twice as much.

As a little Valentine’s Day special, we have added two new items to our range #surprise


The Love Bracelet and Necklace, is a delicate diamond flat plate chain with the popular heart outline as the pendant. The bracelet and necklace is available in sterling silver or 18 ct. gold plated. Of course it can be worn without the heart as a simple basic chain. In this case, you would have a classic piece of high quality that was made 100% in Germany. A special feature here is the simple bayonet clasp for secure closing and opening. The bracelet is available in 17cm, 18cm, 19cm or 20cm, while the necklace measures 42cm or 45cm in length. Both have an unbeatable price/performance ratio, making them a MUST HAVE for the coming LOVE spring.

Love is a feeling that can be shared. We should all put a smile on the face of our loved ones and show them how important they are to us. Far too often we take it for granted, however, everyone of us is very lucky to have precious people in their lives. Never forget “All we need is love“.


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