Jasmina Jovy recommends – good vibes – on Spotify

Music is a big source of inspiration for me, especially while working creatively. In the morning though I like to start classically – with the radio. For me there is only one true station: Deutschlandfunk Kultur. They repeatedly present great topics and people and it really never gets boring. The music they play is extremely diverse and fits my taste perfectly.

When I like a song on the radio I immediately search for it on Spotify and save it or get more information on the artist. Through this I have found a lot of great German bands and musicians, which I will introduce to you in a separate playlist very soon. I plan to create three to four playlists a year. But now we start with the most important one: a good mood playlist. GOOD MOOD > GOOD VIBES.

For me designing in a bad mood, with dumb thoughts and chaos doesn’t work, which is why I like to turn up the music, true to the motto of singer Olli Schulz: “If the music wouldn’t be so loud it would only be half as good”. Due to me not working alone in the studio and musical tastes being different we decided on wearing headphones as not to disturb each other. Especially while processing orders, writing invoices or answering Mails you need complete concentration. These sober tasks are also part of the life of a Designer. Here we listen mostly to Indie/Chill-Out music.

In the past four years during my self-employment I, of course, have worked together with a lot of diverse creatives. The best part about this: we all had different tastes in music. Still: same same but different. Almost all genres are to my taste and lots of my favorite musicians I only got to know through my colleagues in the creative industry.

When I design, for example an individual manufacture for you – may it be an engagement ring or another unique piece, I always start with a playlist. Already on my way to work I’m accompanied by music – I especially like to Brutal Hearts by Bedouin Soundclash. Somehow this song puts me into a creative mood perfectly. The next songs on the playlist build on this song as you can listen to them alongside and think about other things. When the music gets faster with Wenn du tanzt or Sushi by my new favorite German band Von Wegen Lisbeth the drawing, jewelry making or designing gets easier. I just let myself be carried by the music…which you definitely have to try.

So: pick the playlist, turn up the volume and get the good mood going.

Listen to my Good-Mood-Playlist and enjoy the last warm days of fall. If you like the playlist feel free to subscribe to my account.

Click here for the GOOD VIBES Playlist on Spotify.