Engagement rings, wedding rings, family rings or just an individual statement – together we design your unique pieces.

We have made it our mission to create completely individual rings for you – and you can be part of the production and design process right from the start.

Initials symbolize identity. We believe that a piece of jewelry can only reflect personality if the character of the owner is visible in the design. Therefore, it is a matter of course for us to integrate you into the design and production process. From the first sketch, to a 3D model, to the final goldsmith work, you can participate in the creation of your personalized piece of jewelry. There are no limits to your wishes: The rings can be made in different materials, in matte or polished, as well as with or without a stone and of course in different sizes.

Only 10 steps to your individual initials ring:

Step 1: The first step is to schedule a personal appointment with the designer, Jasmina Jovy. In this process, it is especially important for us to find a suitable appointment for everyone. For this reason, we are flexible in the choice of dates in terms of location, time and day. If you are short of time, we are also available on weekends.

Where to find us:

@STORE & MANUFACTURE:  Schießhausstraße 1-5, 75173 Pforzheim

@fYRA CONCEPT STORE: Gerber, Sophienstraße 21, 70178 Stuttgart

@fYRA CONCEPT STORE 2.0: Dorotheen Quartier, Sporerstraße 16, 70173 Stuttgart

The distance is too far, or you don’t have the time to come by? The appointments can also take place virtually. Book an appointment by e-mail or call us at: +49 (0)7231 – 37 48 990.


Step 2: During the appointment, we will discuss the initials, proportions (height and width) and size of the ring, as well as your ideas and vision. Since there are different design possibilities, we have some sample rings shown in our stores, which serve as examples and inspiration. During the conversation, first scribbles are created, in which the initials are illustrated in different designs for you. There are no limits to your wishes!

Typestyle: There are different fonts available for you to choose from. Preferably we work with a straight line or serif font.

Material of the ring & stones: The production of the rings is possible in all kinds of platinum metals & precious materials, in rose gold as well as in yellow gold or white gold. Furthermore, the rings can be produced as a special production in stainless steel with a layer of PVD coating. Additionally you have the choice to set the ring with different gemstones. Our gemstones are sourced locally from Pforzheim and Idar-Oberstein according to our tradition of regional know-how and responsibility. All stones and diamonds are certified, as we work exclusively with German companies.

Another special feature we are offering: You can bring heirlooms, jewelry with great meaning, old gold or old brilliants, which we test for authenticity, rework and create new individual rings for you.



Step 3: Afterwards you will receive an individual offer by e-mail, which will be calculated based on the parameters and characteristics of the ring you have chosen. Once we have received 50% of the price as a deposit, the next steps of production and design will follow. Depending on the complexity of the ring, the production of the ring takes 3-5 weeks.

Step 4: In the fourth step, the ring is designed in 2-D & is created 1:1 concretely, so that you can imagine and see the arrangement of the letters and stones more precisely. In addition, you will also receive a short video in which the rings are explained again in detail. Depending on the type of stone you have chosen, we let a certain stone selection come, or cut your stone specifically.

Step 5: After further consultation and corrections, your desired design is finalized by sending it to the CAD designer. We are working with a renowned designer, who has been working for many years for large companies at home and abroad.


Step 6: Once the CAD designs are created, you will receive your rings as renderings: this means you will see the ring in your chosen material. You will also receive a file where you can easily visualize the ring from all sides with the help of a program on your phone.








Step 7: After approval, the final artwork and plot are created. In case of big uncertainties, the ring can be plotted in wax and looked at. Otherwise, the ring will be cast directly in your chosen metal.

By the way: One correction is included in the price. If further corrections are desired and carried out, these will be invoiced separately.

Step 8: Subsequently, the ring is checked by us, further processed and finished. The ring can be processed in different surfaces: You have the choice between matte or a highly polished/matte surface. If you have decided on stones all your stones are precisely set.

Step 9: In the ninth step, your desired engraving is engraved into the ring. Engravings for this range from a special date, a name, to a handwritten message or an individual sign. It will either be hand engraved or laser engraved into the ring.

Step 10: Your ring is ready for pickup! You can pick up the rings in our studio in Pforzheim or in one of our stores in Stuttgart. The designer will sit down with you once again and celebrate your new and extraordinary rings with you. Of course, a non-alcoholic Cuvée or a glass of sparkling wine should not be missing.


















Costs for the personalized initials rings: The costs for your rings depend on different factors. There is a design fee of 600€ per ring. This includes the design, the plot, as well as the 3-D representation. The other costs are then composed of your choice of material, the choice of stones, as well as the amount of work.





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You are then looking for another gift, for a special event, such as the wedding or anniversary or even the birthday or Christmas? There is the possibility to create a bangle, creole, chain pendant & much more from your individual design.